Seafood Cuisine with a Japanese Touch

With a focus on sustainability, Seasalt sources seafood that is wild-caught and sustainably harvested from the waters around Indonesia, and partners with a local social enterprise that provides high-quality seafood that is sustainably fished. Dishes are seasoned with traditional organic Kusamba sea salt from East Bali, where a small community of salt farmers continues a centuries-old tradition of producing 100% natural salt by sun and wind evaporation.


Sustainable Ocean Inspired Cocktails

Seasalt strives to implement the sustainable, zero-waste concept behind the bar, reusing, fermenting, recycling, and upcycling ingredients that would otherwise be discarded as trash. Think leftover fruit juices, fruit rinds, and fruit seeds saved from the scrap heap and instead reimagined as ingredients in exciting ocean-inspired craft cocktail creations.


Sustainability Commitment

Minimizing plastic use and going local has been our priority since day one. We eliminate single-use packaging and containers in rooms & restaurants and opt for environmentally friendly alternatives.

In an effort to reduce food waste and engage with Hyatt’s food philosophy – Thoughtfully Sourced, Carefully Served – we prioritize collaborating with suppliers that share our values and commitment to responsible business practices and work closely with them to identify more sustainable options whenever possible and use as much as 70% local products for our food and beverage supply.

We also use a variety of scales to monitor the expense and requirements of the resources served to guests, maximizing available sources and taking care in selecting each ingredient to reduce food waste.

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