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Seasalt Ritual

16 June 2017 - Every experience at Seasalt is a journey. From the moment you enter, you are warmly greeted by a friendly host, and escorted to your table with an uninterrupted view of the curling waves. Comfortable seating, the ocean breeze, a feels-like-home setting… as mesmerising as all this is, something else piques your curiosity.

Something is telling you to look down.

You pause. You are intrigued. Your eyes narrow, not quite sure what they are seeing, while your partner has already grabbed the phone to capture this oddity. “What is it?” you wonder.

“It’s our centrepiece,” says your host.

Inspired by the question of ‘What’s inside the sea?’, the centrepiece is an artisanal creation made of sea salt, which is showcased during dinner times at Seasalt.

“No other restaurant has such a thing,” says Chef Vivian Vitalis, while pointing at his brainchild. “It’s like when you go diving, you see corals, you see sand and shells. We want to bring this experience to our guests. When they come to Seasalt, they see the centrepiece, and it brings to mind what is beneath the sea. What’s more, it’s edible".

The host brings a tray of sourdoughs to the table, accompanied by a little wooden hammer, which is the hammer of a gangsa, the metallophone used in Balinese gamelan music. The host uses the gangsa hammer to crack the sea salt crust on all sides. As the brownish salt and shells crumble apart, mimicking the sands on the seashore, a surprise pops out of the middle.   “It’s a small rillette of mackerel, butter and mayonnaise wrapped in seaweed. Very creamy. Spread it on the bread and enjoy!” invites Chef Vivian. “Here, we want to make something different, something special for our guests. So, I am pleased to introduce to you the ‘Seasalt Ritual’.”

Indeed, this spectacular centrepiece, which will be on your table when you arrive if you’ve made a reservation, and the theatrical ritual that accompanies it is both a gastronomic and visual treat. It is part of Seasalt’s vision to engage guests in a unique and exciting seafood dining experience, centred on the scrumptious flavours of fresh ingredients and an enticing taste of the sea.

“Everything at Seasalt is absolutely locally produced. We get the fishermen to send us the mackerel, which we smoke ourselves. This is the process we do fresh every day, bringing guests a taste directly from the sea,” explains Chef Vivian, who strives to delight guests with many surprises and make everything at Seasalt special.