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Seasalt Ocean Tune: Summer Madness

6 July 2017 - Summer has arrived but we are here to chill the heat -Seasalt Ocean Tune of the month features Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang. This smooth jazzy tune is taken from Kool & the Gang's fifth album, Light of Worlds, which considered by music critics as a landmark record in the funk/jazz fusion genre of the 1970s. Talking about its cultural impact, Summer Madness had also been featured in various films and sampled by numerous high ranking soul musicians including Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, and Boyz II Men.

Released in 1974, the song remains a sundowners favourite due to its combination of downtempo beat, sounds selection, and synthesizer usage blended with Rhodes piano. Imagine cruising at a steady 30kmh through Bali's breezy sunset coast and playing this song in your car...