Seasalt Ocean Tune: La Femme D'Argent

19 September 2017 - Moon Safari by the French duo, AIR, is an amazingly chill album. Listed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top 100 albums of the 90s, it starts with the first track La Femme D'Argent or "the silver woman" in English. The isolated bass line that plays throughout the track, layered with spacey and retro-sounding synthesizers creates a really unique sound, makes you want to raise one eyebrow and nod your head approvingly.

AIR, an acronym for amour, imagination, rêve or "love, imagination, dream", was formed by architecture student Nicolas Godin and pianist Jean-Benoît Dunckel in late 90s. AIR released their first album Moon Safari in 1998 to critical success. Journalists then described their music as "aquatic, bulbous, blue, breathy, cloudscraper, deliquescent, ethereal, french, floating, gravity, groove, hotel, holograph, kitchen, kissing, lounge, lazy, liquid, martini, parisian, retro, tea-time, universe, velvety, wet" and "the perfect background music for minimalist architecture design, drinking gin upstairs in a 747 (circa 1974)".

The duo released six more albums including two soundtrack albums for the Virgin Suicides directed by Sophia Coppola, and Le Voyage dans la Lune, a colored and restored version of a silent film of the same name directed by Georges Méliès. Released in 1902, the film is often considered to be the first science fiction film.