Seasalt Living Room

6 July 2017 - It’s 5pm and the sun is beginning to set. You and two friends arrive at Seasalt where a lady in an A-line dress with white and blue marbled accent colours greets you warmly. “Inside or outside?” she asks.

Your eyes sweep over the surroundings. Something catches your eye. “Inside,” you reply, while pointing to what looks like a cosy corner.

The host escorts you to the Seasalt Living Room, an area perimetered by rows of wooden display shelves. You place your laptop on the table and exhale deeply as you sink into a comfy sofa, enjoying the sudden sensation of the wind on your skin. Ah, what a feeling!  

You look around while the host hands you the menu.

“Wow, it’s nice that we can see the ocean from here!” says your friend, her eyes beguiled by the therapeutic sight in front of your table. Oh, if only every day could feel like this…

Stepping into Seasalt takes you into what resembles a stylish seaside residence dominated by ocean hues and cosy décor. Homey atmosphere, chic interior, lovely sound of breaking waves…so inviting.  Every day feels like a day off, whether you’re here on holiday or not.

“On this lovely afternoon, you might want to try our Lounge menu. Perfect snacks to accompany your time chilling out,” explains the host.

Yes. It may be too early for dinner. After studying the menu, our minds are made up. “We’ll have Squid Rings, Shrimp Croquette, Soft Shell Crab and Crispy Fried Chicken. Would that be enough for the three of us?”

“Perfect,” says the host. “And for drinks?” 

After a few moments’ pause, she suggests you try a Seasalt Margarita. “How about Spicy Cha Margarita, Berry Margarita and our Seasalt signature cocktail, the Grand Scheme?”

“Sounds good,” you say. The host nods, grabs the menu and leaves with a smile.

Lulled by the sound of waves and the sight of the endless Petitenget beach, Seasalt Living Room is an ideal place to hang out with your best friends and hold a casual yet productive group meeting in a fresh and delightful atmosphere. You will feel as if you are sailing on the ocean - thanks to its ocean-inspired theme by URBNarc, the architectural firm behind the design, and a colour scheme, layout and materials that evoke a sense of being at home. 

From afar, you hear a familiar tune. La femme d’argent by the French duo Air is playing over the speaker, and the four of you settle into the Seminyak sunset. 

See you at Seasalt Living Room!