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Journey to Seasalt

20 November 2017 - Heading to Seasalt this week? Plan your journey ahead and make sure it’s a memorable one. Here, we are pleased to share you some semi-guides to help you move forward. Enjoy!

Search Before You Go

In the times when mobile phones and the Internet are always within reach, it is almost impossible to not look up to Google for searching new information. If you haven’t heard us before, you’d better check our website to give you a hint. According to a Skift Table article, 84% of diners visit a restaurant’s own website before making a reservation. If you head up on Google and type “Seasalt Seminyak”, you will see our website topping the list. Click on the link and savour the information. (P.S. Just a few tips before you go further. Always check the "About" tab to know more about us).

Check the "Happenings"

You land in our website already? Okay, first of all, we know that the awe won’t leave you in a bit since your eyes are stuck at the dancing waves in front of you – but give it a scroll and inspect the tabs. "Happenings" is the right place to check what’s currently happening in Seasalt. For example, Event Calendar gives you the list of scheduled activities like Sunday brunch and Sunset Live Music at Seasalt Beach Terrace. Seasalt Coastal Munch, of course, is the name of our special Sunday brunch and it gives you much clearer information on what to expect. Vivian’s Table, Twilight for Two, and Margarita Matchup are special promotions we’re currently having on the plate right now.

Check the “Menu”

You may have heard that seafood is our signature dish as it has been dubbed many times. Indeed, if we look at the name “Seasalt”, the word implies strong connection to “what’s inside the sea”. So, let’s move your cursor to “Menu”. We have separated sections for “Lunch”, “Lounge”, “Dinner” and “Drinks”. Each section boasts our range for the different meal times. Lunch, dinner, and drinks. Lounge? You’ll find small nibbles like Soft Shell Crab, Squid Rings, or even Sushi. If you want some recommendations, try the signature White Snapper, Butterfish, or the much-loved Blue Swimmer Crab. If you’re a vegan, you can try the Kyoto Hummus. Craving for more meats? You will fall for the Wagyu Shortrib and carbo lovers should try the newly-established Poke Bowl as well as noodle-based Bonitonara, which are available for lunch only.

What about drinks and dessert? We would love to recommend the Coconut Mint mocktail to freshen you up or you can try our cocktails like Spicy Cha Margarita or The Grand Scheme. At the same time, sweet teeth will find their little paradise to Dulcey with its delicious salted caramel or Forest with its unique beetroot sorbet.

Make a Reservation

Let’s reserve the table if you have plotted a schedule! So, head over to the top right side and you shall spot “Reservation” menu. A little box popped out, asking for your details. Make sure you complete all the information required to help us prepare everything, especially in letting us know if you have any special requests such as birthday, anniversaries, graduations or serious food allergies, or baby chair.


Before arriving, make sure you keep this below information handy:

Location: Use Google Map and you will be directed to Seasalt, just next to Alila Seminyak on the map. Alila Seminyak is the resort where we are located at. On your way, head to the Lobby at main building and ask the Host where Seasalt is. Based on his/her information, you will be taking some stairs down and spot our big signage in front of you.

Dress code: Most guests like to keep it simple and relaxed. But please no alcohol-branded attire and flip-flops.

Table arrangement: We have two main designated seating areas which are Seasalt Living Room and Seasalt Beach Terrace. If you are going for lunch meeting, choose the former one to give you more intimate feel. If you are up for leisure, choose the latter for a total tropical ambience with proximity to the shoreline.

See you soon at Seasalt!